The Airport provides practical aeronautical facilities for commercial charter aircraft operators, student pilots, and general aviation private pilots. Few multi-engine aircraft are capable of using the parallel runway due to insurance or performance standards issues. Presently, all twin-engine traffic must be directed to the primary Runway 18L-36R. Southern Illinois University (SIU) owns three buildings at the Southern Illinois Airport on land it owns and leases four buildings from the Southern Illinois Airport Authority.

The Southern Illinois Airport includes assets that have enabled development including:

  • The SIU Transportation Education
  • Broadband access to accommodate future technology needsCenter with its aviation and automotive programs
  • The Armed Services Readiness Center
  • The SIH/EMS Disaster Regional Preparedness Response Program
  • Other emergency related organizations


Fair Market Value: the amount a willing buyer would pay a willing seller for a given piece of real estate or at motor repair shop. The fair market value is determined by the Township Tax Assessor to establish the assessed value.

Assessed Value: One-third of a property’s fair market value. The total assessed value for a given property has two components– the value of land and the value of improvements.

Improvement: A building or other structure else attached to land which cannot be readily removed.

Tax Rate: The formula applied to assessed value to determine the property tax due for a property. The tax rate is often expressed as “$8.64 per $100 of assessed value”.


100 % of state and local sales tax on materials used for construction or renovation of buildings in the Enterprise Zone can be deducted at the time of purchase. This provision applies to commercial or industrial construction.

The sales tax deduction applies to items that are permanently affixed to real property, such as lumber, mortar, glued-down carpets, paint, wallpaper and similar affixed items. As a rule of thumb, sales tax on any building materials that would remain with the property if the property were sold is eligible for the deduction.

The deduction does not apply to materials purchased for routine maintenance, repair or upkeep of the property.

The sales tax deduction includes both the local and state portion of sales tax. Any retailer who pays Illinois sales tax can deduct the sales tax, so long as the purchaser provides the retailer with a Certificate of Eligibility for Sales Tax Exemption, which is issued by the Enterprise Zone Administrator.


City building permit fees on any renovation, expansion or new construction project within the Enterprise Zone are waived. This waiver of fees applies to building, plumbing, electrical, demolition, site plan and zoning certificate fees for permits issued for rehabilitation, expansion or new construction.

Fees charged for permits issued for normal repair or replacement of electrical, plumbing or mechanical systems are not waived. Filing fees for rezoning or special use applications are not waived.


There are a number of state tax incentives for investment in an Illinois Enterprise Zone. These incentives are related to income, utility, and sales taxes. The programs are listed below:

  • Enterprise Zone Investment Tax Credit
  • Jobs Tax Credit
  • Dividend Deduction
  • Corporate Contribution Deductions
  • Income Tax Deduction for Financial Institutions
  • Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment Sales Tax Exemption
  • State Utility Tax Exemption

Detailed information on each program is available from the Enterprise Zone Administrator or the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

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PH: 618.529.1721
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P.O. Box 1086
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556 North Airport Rd.
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